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Welcome to Touch By An Angel Daycare!

Thanks for visiting Touch By An Angel Daycare and Pre-School Academy.  Where safety and care of your child is our number one priority.  At Touch By An Angel, we recognize that children are a treasure, and we want to help you give yours the best care possible.

At Touch By An Angel Daycare and Pre-School Academy, we carefully plan age-appropriate activities that your child will find challenging and fun, and that will build self esteem.  We are a state licensed day care facility with years of experience in caring for children. 










At Touch By An Angel Daycare and Pre-School Academy, fun is always a daily part of our activities.

Whether your child is in our full-day or half-day program, they will enjoy a wide range of activities from music and gym class to daily nature walks, arts, and crafts, monthly field trips and more.


bullet Education can significantly improve one's life:
Learning to read, reason and communicate helps people make informed choices and understand events around them.   Educated people have more job opportunities and earn more, which improves their quality of life.
bullet Skilled workers enable a country to develop and become richer, which benefits everyone. Without education, inventions like electricity, medicine, cars, computers, video games, and much more wouldn't exist!
bullet Almost 115 million children around the world don't go to school. Poor kids often have to work to help their families survive. Also, more girls than boys are out of school because parents often think it's not important for them to learn



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Ten Reasons Why

Touch by An Angel Daycare is the right Place for your child

Safety & Security Safety & Security are All-important
Cleanliness We are Seriously into Clean
Warmth TBAA is a Warm and Happy Place
Learning We Make Learning Fun
Growth We Promote Growth- 3 Ways!
Nourishment We Believe in Lots of Nourishing
People People Come First
Communication Communication is Crucial
Flexibility We are Flexible to Meet Your Needs
You are Always Welcome Parent Involvement is Key